UNCG Sponsored Programs

Facilitating Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity

In accordance with Federal, State, and UNCG regulations, PIs and project personnel must adhere to specific policies and procedures in regard to sponsored projects. For questions, please refer to the contact provided for each topic.

[accordian][accordian-item heading=”Conflict of Interest Disclosure” item_no=”One”]For each proposal submitted through the RAMSeS system, PIs and other key personnel will be required to complete a brief conflict of interest disclosure. The link to that will be generated from within Ramses and emailed to project personnel. Please contact your OSP Specialist if you have any questions.[/accordian-item][accordian-item heading=”Conflict of Interest Training” item_no=”Two”]

As a condition of federal funding, the University must establish procedures that provide a reasonable expectation that the design, conduct and reporting of research will be free from bias resulting from Investigator Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOIs or COIs).


Federal regulations required that UNCG:


  1. Maintain a current, documented, and enforced COI policy
  2. Educate Investigators as to UNCG’s COI policies and procedures
  3. Facilitate and ensure Investigator compliance with initial and ongoing COI disclosure requirements
  4. Identify and manage COIs
  5. Flow down sponsor COI requirements to subrecipients/collaborators
  6. Meet sponsor and other COI reporting requirements


To comply with these requirements, UNCG has instituted online COI training and require that a COI disclosure form be completed.  Any person who is responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of research must complete the training and disclosure form.  This always includes: 1) Principal Investigator/Project Director and 2) Key Personnel (an individual who contributes in a substantial and measureable way to a project. This may also include: 1) Outside collaborators (e.g. subrecipient Investigators, consultants) and 2) Any other faculty, staff, post-docs, graduate students, or even technicians identified in the proposal.


Individuals can access the COI Training through RAMSeS or can go to the COI Training page or login to AIR and click the COI Training link in the menu options at the top of the page to complete the certification process.


UNCG requires the completion of the COI training at least once every three years.


For questions, please contact Dr. Lisa Goble, Export Controls and Conflict of Interest Official

[/accordian-item][accordian-item heading=”Data Safety and Management” item_no=”Three”]

For UNCG Policy on Access to and Retention of Research Data, please refer to the UNCG Policy Manual.

For Information on Data Management in Research, refer to the Office of Research Integrity, Responsible Conduct of Research.

For UNCG Policies Relating to General Data Safety and Security, Please refer to the UNCG Policy Manual.

[/accordian-item][accordian-item heading=”Export Control” item_no=”Four”]For the most up to date information UNCG Export Control, (i.e the shipment or transfer of export-controlled technical data, information, materials and equipment to destinations outside the United States, as well as the provision of access to certain export-controlled technical data, information, materials or equipment to non-U.S. persons within the United States), please refer to the website of UNCG Export Control.[/accordian-item][accordian-item heading=”Human Subjects, Animal Subjects, Biosafety, Responsible Conduct of Research” item_no=”Five”]For the most up to date information on IRB, IACUC, and IBS Committees, as well as RCR, RCR Training and Human Subjects (IRB/CITI) training, please refer to the Office of Research Integrity.[/accordian-item][accordian-item heading=”Payments to Human Subjects” item_no=”Six”]For the most up to date information on Human Subjects Payments, refer to “Procedure 3 Preparing the Budget” from the Office of Contracts & Grants.[/accordian-item][/accordian]